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Biobilden Multimedia and Healthcare GmbH has created an educational game named "Dragon Bio Preschool Game" for preschool aged children. 
Dragon Bio Preschool Game - is an exciting educational game for children of ages 3 to 5 years old preschoolers. Attractive animated dragon named Bio presents three different games, three levels (the total number of levels - 12), which teachpreschool children the knowledge about counting, forms, difference and equality. 

The game is designed for children of ages 3 to 5 years. This period is large enough, over these years, children learn a lot of information. Two mini-games of this application (due to location and volume) are suitable for children of earlier years - from 3 to 5 years, and the third mini game (find the difference) would be more understandable to adult children of age closer to 5 years. However, all three games are parts of one game. 
The plot of the Dragon Bio Preschool Game: 

When the child presses an icon of the game on his/her iPad, the screensaver of the game will appear . In the screensaver, the dragon holds his school briefcase over the meadow, flying in the direction of the school. At this time, the screen will pop up and the name of the game. The announcer with a child's voice (the voice of dragon Bio) will voice the words "Dragon Bio Preschool Game". Below the title screen appears "PLAY" button and when the child presses the button, the game begins. 
In the beginning of the game screen will show that that dragon Bio next year will go to school and he needs help in collecting school subjects in his briefcase. 

In the first mini game dragon Bio asks to count the amount of school supplies (in the first level these are colored pencils, in the second level of the mini games are different notebooks, and on the third level - different books), and the child has to click on the supplise and dragon Bio will count each of them ( pencils, notebooks, books). This mini game will help children learn how to count. 

The second mini game dragon asks him to find the right school supplies (in the first level of this mini game the player must select the little sized pencil among other big sized pencils , in the second level the little sized notebook among other big sized notebooks, and in the third level the largest book among other little sized books). This mini game will help children correctly distinguish sizes. 

In the third mini game dragon Bio asks the player what he must take to the school (in all the levels of this mini game the player must select the school supply such as a pencil, a notebook or a book among the toys) . This mini game helps children to develop the power of observation and logical thinking. 

Each correctly guessed the object falls inside the dragon's briefcase.

Now you can buy and download Dragon Bio Preschool game via Appstore!

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